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More Than Just A Housing Organization

We’re passionate about helping people make long term life changes for the better.


Our Programs

We give individuals the assistance they need to make the life changes that truly matter and the hope they need to inspire change, while raising social consciousness and public awareness to spawn lasting, effectual social justice.


The EXIT Program

Founded by Michele Reynolds in 2002, The EXIT Program provides housing and supportive services for formerly incarcerated homeless adult men and women. For more information about The EXIT Program, visit our website at


Jessie’s World 

Founded by Renee Johnson in 2010, Jessie’s World is a program that provides housing and gender responsive programming for women in reentry or recovery, with and without children.  For more information about Jessie’s World, visit our website at




NISRE, Inc. is a licensed and certified Community Residential Center provider by The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC).  NISRE, Inc. currently operates Community Residential Centers in 5 Ohio cities including Columbus, Akron, Mansfield, Cincinnati and Chillicothe.

NISRE, Inc. is more than just a housing organization. We are an agency that is passionate about helping people make long term life changes for the better.  


Nothing Into Something Real Estate (NISRE) Inc. is a faith based nonprofit Community Development Corporation that provides affordable housing solutions and a range of economic empowerment initiatives designed to alleviate poverty and revitalize neighborhoods in low and moderate income communities.


Social Enterprises

M2 Social Enterprises Corporation is the for-profit division of NISRE, Inc.  M2 Social Enterprises Corporation contains a line of profit-making businesses that employ commercial strategies to maximize improvements into the well-being of our clients while generating revenue to help sustain NISRE, Inc.’s organizational activities.  Through M2 Social Enterprises, businesses are developed to create employment opportunities for individuals served under the NISRE, Inc. family of companies.

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Coffee Crafters, LLC

Coffee Crafters Barista Academy is an innovative social enterprise initiative of NISRE, Inc. Our mission is to provide comprehensive coffee services to businesses, non-profit, government offices, educational institutions and 
individuals across Ohio. 

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The Destiny Center

The Destiny Center is an incubator created primarily for big time DREAMERS in the disadvantaged and minority populations. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and the motivation to start a business but have never had the means, resources or 
support to do so. 

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The Phoenix Community

NISRE’s pioneering CEO, Dr. Michele Reynolds, engaged with Columbus developer OZDG with the idea of utilizing the newly created Opportunity Zones to restore the vision for this seminal project.

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NISRE, Inc. is licensed and certified by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections as a Community Residential Center (CRC) provider.


NISRE Inc. provides tax records for transparency of financial records to the public. Visit the link provided to view the latest record. 


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